Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Getting back in the swing of things

Well, it's been 2 full days since I have said "see ya later" to my husband.  I am doing pretty well.  I haven't had too many breakdowns, and I am happier than I was before he came home (I am sure that is because I am more relaxed from the time off).

It is so nice to get back in the swing of things.  I have work, school, a fall festival, a bridal shower, church, and a worship team get together this week.  I am so glad that I have all of these things to help time pass by.

Time seems to be going by so fast already, which is bittersweet.  I am glad that time is going by fast to get my husband home faster, but he hasn't left the country quite yet, and that time is coming.  It helps to be able to text him when I want.

I have to say that I am glad that the National Guard has training before they actually leave.  As much as it sucks to say "see you later" a bazillion times, it helps when the final one comes around.  Because it's like "Oh, they are just gone for some more training.  I got this."  We just did 3 months, and 15 days of it we didn't have any communication.  So we can handle this.

I'm thankful for the holidays coming around.  As much as they will suck royally without him, they will keep me busy.  Christmas is my FAVORITE thing EVER, so I will be alright.  Even though I wish he was here with me (even if he is a Scrooge).

And that is my little update on my life.  I think I will go relax in a hot shower before I get sleep.  I have a long day of school, work, and a fall festival tomorrow.  I'm sure I'll post pictures of the fun we will have.  And that's another thing I am thankful for, my church family.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

And so it begins

Well, my honey has left.  So the deployment officially begins.  

In a way, I am glad.

I can start the countdown.  I can start planning care packages.  I can get my mind in order to get things accomplished.  As much as I miss him, I am excited for what I will accomplish while he is gone.  

We had a WONDERFUL leave time while he was here.  I will share a few pictures from it.  

I do plan on keeping up this blog some more, because it's a LOT easier than keeping a handwritten journal.  Plus I will be sharing more information on things I am doing while he is gone.  It should be fun.  

The first night Chad got home we just hung out and went to dinner with mom when she got out of church.  

The next day we had church (I had to lead worship).  It was great for everyone to see him (the little bit that they did).  Once we got home we had lunch and napped and just stayed home.

Monday, Chad ran some errands, and I did some cleaning.  Then we went to dinner with some very good friends of ours, Chris and Jennifer and their two adorable kids.  That was a great time.

Tuesday we went and voted.  We also got to go to the beach.  I had been wanting to go to the beach with him and this was the perfect time.  It was a great day to go.  Sunny with a breeze so it wasn't too hot.  That night we celebrated my dad's 65th birthday.  It was a wonderful time.  

We decided to take a one night vacation to Wimberley, Texas.  I have to say that I am SO glad that we did this.  I went back and forth with the idea for the longest time.  Then I decided that we needed to.  It was one of the best vacations we have had.  Very relaxing, so much fun, and just all around awesome.   

Before we got up to Wimberley, we went to the Outlet Malls.  I didn't find too much, but I did find a lot of Christmas presents.  It was fun.  We even ran into a friend we know from here!  Love the small world we live in.

We stayed at some cottages that were on a creek.  It was so neat to go and explore around that.  The hill country is my favorite spot.  

Our cottages were awesome.  They were like a little house with it's own private hot tub.  They allow dogs (even though we didn't bring Cooper).  They have a little dog pen and offer doggy day care.  It was perfect. We will stay there every time we go to Wimberley, as long as they aren't booked up.  They stay booked constantly.  The website is www.cypresscreekcottages.com 
We also ate at an awesome pizza place there that night, then came back to the cottage and relaxed and went to bed early.

Thursday we explored Wimberley a little bit more. We went to Mount Baldy (aka Prayer Mountain).  It was a wonderful experience.  We also drove down River Road.  It is a road that follows the river.  It was pretty neat.  We also walked around Town Square.  That was another wonderful time.  Every person we ran across was extremely friendly.  We were able to buy a TON of Christmas presents for family.  We spent a ton of money, but it was great.  Once we got home we just relaxed.

Again, Friday we just relaxed.  

Saturday, we went to the gun show.  It was fun (ad long), but it was great to spend some time with Chad.  We went with my parents and a guy Chad went to the police academy with.  I found some stuff for Chad's future care packages, and found the car I want in the future ;).

After relaxing last night, here we are.  Today.  The day he left.  I had a little bit of a rough time right before he left and right after he left.  I am doing okay now.  

And onto some of the pictures.  :)

There were a bunch of jelly fish.

They were fighting for the shade.

And from Wimberley

Our little welcome message from the cottages

We went exploring the creek for a bit.

A little house outside of the awesome pizza place.  I thought it was cute!

A little bit of the cottage.  I love this.

The hot tub was perfect.

Part of River Road.  The only color change we saw, besides small parts of red on some trees.

These geese were hilarious.  Walked right out in front of the car.

This was outside of prayer mountain.  He stopped and posed for me!

Prayer mountain.

Up we go.

I loved this.

The view was great.

He didn't know I took this.  

I thought this was cute.

Well, that's a little from our leave time.  I'll be sharing some more from some bridal and baby showers I've done recently.  Thanks for reading!