Monday, October 17, 2011

Best Weekend Ever!!

Chad and I were able to go to San Antonio for the weekend.  His best man was getting married, and he was the best man in this wedding.  :)  We both agree that it was one of the best weekends we have ever had together.  One of the best trips!

We had the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, where I learned to Armenian dance.  It was great!  They said I got it really quickly, and thought I did well.  They tried to get me to dance at the wedding, but there was a lot more people there, so I didn't end up dancing.  Then the wedding on Saturday.  We had a couple of hours before the wedding, so we ended up going to a couple of stores, and ate at this AWESOME Thai food place.  The wedding was nice.  I have never felt more like family from people I have never met before (besides online).

Sunday we decided we were going to go to the Wildlife Ranch.  You feed the animals from your car.  It was a blast, and a little scary.  Then we went to the natural bridge caverns.  It was so much fun!  We drive home to find out that we actually DO get to go to New Hampshire and see Chad's family in December!  YAY!  I booked those tickets.  I have to admit I hope it snows so that I can see some and get good pictures :)

Now on to the pictures!!

Beautiful centerpieces.

Loved the cake.

The head table.

Trying to get me to dance, but I chickened out.

Our hotel room.  It's a little messy.  Excuse it please :)  This is the hall way.

Chad being a dork brushing his teeth.

The room.  I told you it was messy.  We had just packed up.

Peacocks.  The beginning of the Wildlife Ranch.

They knew what to do.

An old elk.

These sheep would not leave us alone!

Glad these guys didn't come up to the car.

They had two buffalo.  This guy didn't seem to feel too well.  They didn't come up to the car.

Just look at that face and those ears!

Loved the view.  We were looking for the Zebras.  Oh the Zebras.

And the Zebras showed up!

He didn't want me to leave!  He licked my pants.  Chad and I both were leaning in the center console with our feed cause we each had a Zebra trying to get all the feed!

The Zebras with the car behind us.

They are beautiful animals!

"Excuse me ma'am.  Could you roll down your window so I could get some feed please."



"I'll smile pretty for food!"

The Rhinos in the cage.  You can kind of thee the one on the left has an odd horn that leans down instead of goes straight forward.

Would you feed an Ostrich that came walking up to you like this?  I think not.  We didn't.

That was as close to the camels that we got.

Very gentle and sweet.




Cute little donkeys.

Kangaroos.  They didn't get close though.

Beautiful Giraffes!

The Natural Bridge Caverns!

It was really hard to get good pictures, but I finally started to get some.  Even without a flash!

The drought even effected this!  It is usually filled up with water to the white line.

The end!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)