Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deployment Bucket List

Well, here is my deployment bucket list.  I have it written down in my deployment journal, and will probably add to it as things come up in my brain.  

1. Finish school
2.  Learn to play the piano
3.  Have a slumber party
4.  Road trip to the Outlet Malls (kind of already did this one!)
5.  Run a 5k (I'm thinking of the Color Run)
6.  Learn to sew

I am sure I will be adding more to these.  There are also some unspoken ones I have, but it's a huge jump and only God can pull them off, so I'll leave those between us until it becomes real :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's been a while **Picture overload**

Wow.  It really has been a while since I have updated this thing!  I said I would try and keep up with it, and oops!!  I haven't.

I will post to try and update everyone on what has gone on since then to catch you up to today.  I will probably have some separate posts for the longer updates :)

Since our vacation to San Antonio in October 2011, Cooper was bit by a rattlesnake.  We didn't even realize he was bit until he came on the porch, and sat down immediately.  My dad was outside and didn't hear anything.  He usually comes to the porch and barks or walks around, so sitting down was unusual.  We thought he cut his leg at first...until it started swelling.  It was about 10:30pm before we took him to the emergency vet.  That was a horrible time.  The vet scared the crap out of me.  And this boy is definitely not a cheap one!  But he is so worth it :)

This picture doesn't even begin to show how swollen his leg/foot was.  My poor baby.

He HATED being in doggy ICU, but he was such a trooper and loved it when mommy came to visit (which was every day).

The scar on this side of the leg.  He has a little bit on the other side as well, but he healed up nicely.  He will always have the battle wound to let us never forget how close we came to losing our boy!

In November my dad and I flew up to Kansas for my cousin's wedding.  It was SUCH a beautiful wedding. The flight to get there was not so fun.  We had a 6 hour layover because of horrible planning.  Thankfully the ride home was MUCH better.  Here are some pictures of the wedding and leaves changing (my first time seeing them ever!)

She was so beautiful!

Next up is me and Chad's vacation to New Hampshire for Thanksmas :).  We combined Thanksgiving and Christmas and saw his family right in the middle!!  

We helped pick out and decorate the tree

All ready for Christmas!!

We went and saw a show.  It was amazing!

Thanksgiving dinner :)

It was a great trip!

Next up was Chad's and my vacation to Fredericksburg, Texas.  It was a great vacation. 

Our cute little B&B

We went to the National Museum of the Pacific War.

We did a lot of hiking on this trip as well.  It was great, even though I was sick.  I had gone to the ER a few days before to find out I had a bad cold (worst ER experience ever...first one actually.  That's another story for another day).

Since then I have helped some friends get engaged.  It was so beautiful and perfect!

I've gone to several graduations, had a lock-in with the youth, and several other things.  I'll update more later!