Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Whew!  Sorry I haven't been blogging too much.  School started up, and I have half my State Exam tomorrow.

I keep getting this coming up when I think about what to blog, so I guess I'll just post it for all the world to see (it's not even bad...haha). 

This is definitely a season for me to trust God.  I finally figured out what it was.  I knew it was a season of change, but also a season of trusting Him.  So much is going on, and there is so much unsurity, that I just have to trust Him.  I mean, come on, He is the Creator of the universe...I think He can handle my issues. 

It's also a time for me to exersize my patience.  I thought I had quite a bit, but MAN...it is being tested.  But even now I am seeing things I didn't see before when this season first began.  I'm pretty excited to see the next season and what came from this one. 

I know what I have on my heart that I am to be doing, so to see what God is going to do REALLY excites me.  I'm just trying to make sure that I learn what I need to from this season, cause I really don't want to go through it again.  I just hope I'm not messing up.  But that's the cool thing about God.  He still loves me regardless! 

So yes, on top of school and all of the other craziness going on in my life right now, I am trying to figure everything out.  But, I know that I'm not supposed to yet.  So, I'm trusting God.  So glad to know He is in control and not me!

Until next time...

Keep trusting Him!  He has your best interest!

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  1. I guess the one encouragement I find in difficulties is that when God turns up the heat, He's just doing it to purify me and make me more like Him. Everything is for a purpose and there are seasons. And like you said, He does love us! I'm grateful for that...He is faithful!

    Praying for you at this time!