Monday, July 25, 2011

Outpour 2011

So, I don't have a lot of pictures of the actual event, but I will try and get the few that I do have sometime this week.

Outpour is the missions conference that my church puts one every year.  Other ministries come, too.  But we focus on the missionaries that we support.  It was SUCH an amazing time!  I am sad it's over already.  Our missionaries are such amazing people.  It blessed me so much to see them get blessed.  I wish I had more opportunities to get to talk to them.  Maybe next year.

It was a CRAZY busy week/weekend, but it was so worth it.

Now on to the pictures!

Here are the cupcakes that me and my friend, Charly made.  She is amazing! (taken with my phone)

Here are some pictures from the lunch today.

The fish right by the restaurant.  They were crazy close!

It was a gorgeous day.  Hot, but gorgeous.

I love pelicans.

Some of the missionaries waiting on their food.  Some of the ministers stayed, too.

My friend, Bianca.  I love her!

Pastor's wife, Debbie(left), and one of the missionaries' wife, Ann(right).

Me looking like a dork.

Tana.  I have known her since forever.  She brought the little ball thingies that you put in water and they hold it for a long period of time, you know?  Anyways...we had a little "food" fight with these things Sunday night at dinner.  It was hilarious!

The table.

Some of the girls.  Pastor's Daughter, Anna (left), and Charly's daughter, Emma (right).  The hush puppy cooked like that!

haha.  Terriann, a missionaries daughter (Ann from before), Emma, Anna, and Jade (Emma's sister).  Silly girls!  Jade didn't want to take the picture, so Anna helped me!

The other end of the table.

Margo and me!

Us girls being silly!

Dr. Egon Falk (from Africa...well, missionary to Africa, he's from Denmark) enjoying his ice cream!  I LOVE this man and his wife.  Awesome people.

So, these are all of the pictures I have for now.  I will share more when I get back to the church.  Hope y'all enjoyed!